We would love for you to join us!
All undergraduate and graduate students at UC Berkeley are encouraged to apply!


Hands-On and Professional Experience

There’s something for everyone! Since we handle every aspect of our projects’ creative process, a wide variety of skills are needed. Whether you’re interested in community outreach, architectural renderings, engineering systems design, energy simulations, construction, building certification, or post-occupancy research, we’ve got it covered! Our members get to apply the skills they learn in the classroom to real projects that result in tangible (and beautiful!) final products.


If you’re interested in popping the ‘Berkeley bubble,’ SHAC fosters a sense of community by partnering with the surrounding cities and neighborhoods of the Bay Area. We’re constantly working with local municipalities, homeless shelters, nonprofits, and community activists, which allow our students to become more familiar with the specific needs of each community and their residents.

Who's eligible?

Anyone with the passion and drive! Technical training and experience is helpful, but not required. Our interdisciplinary team thrives with students from all backgrounds, programs, and experiences. Please note, SHAC members are highly encouraged to be involved in either the Media, Outreach, or Internal Committees as part of their membership.

THIMBY is currently recruiting new members for their Building Materials and Construction Subteam, Engineering Subteam, and Policy Subteam. There is also a spot open for an Engineering Lead; please note if you are interested in this role in your application. 

Solar Decathlon is looking for about five new members to join their team! Engineering experience is a plus, but not required.

As a registered student organization (RSO) of the UC Berkeley LEAD center, all official members must be currently enrolled students. If you are interested in applying but are not enrolled for the Fall/Spring 2021/22 semester, please contact us directly to discuss how you can get involved!

Info Session (Fall 2021)