Category: THIMBY 1.0

From Foam to Thermacork

One step backward, two steps forward. This is what a lot of the learning experiences on THIMBY have felt like this summer as we work to complete our innovative-yet-replicable, sustainable-yet-affordable tiny house, reconciling contradictions and tradeoffs in the green building world. One such tradeoff: how to create the best possible building envelope in materials that…
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Warmboard, Inc. Sponsorship

THIMBY (Tiny House in My Backyard) construction is well underway! We began our build process on May 23rd by putting together the support tray for the unit’s water tanks which will be installed below the trailer deck. Since then our team has made rapid progress. We’ve installed PT plywood and insulation for the subfloor, assembled…
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Post Paris Reflections

The Paris Agreement sets a baseline for the next climate chapter, which we now must write  “I see no objections,” rang the voice of COP president Laurent Fabius at the final plenary session of COP21, “the Paris agreement is adopted!” The hours of cheers, tears, and praise that followed this announcement—all deserved—drowned out the few…
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