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We’re on the Move: Into THIMBY

How does it feel to go from this… To this? Pretty darn good! A few weeks ago, THIMBY realized her second crucial stage of development: actually serving as a tiny home. One of THIMBY’s team members, Brett Webster, moved into THIMBY at the end of January, after weeks of hard work transitioning THIMBY from a…
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THIMBY’s Front Door: A Collaboration with Pella and Coldwell Banker

We’re back from the SMUD 2016 Tiny House Competition! THIMBY braved a stormy journey from Sacramento to Richmond, but she’s now safely parked at the Richmond Field Station. THIMBY took 2nd place overall in the competition, and won specific awards for water conservation, sustainability, and home life. Here are a couple photos from the competition:…
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Platt Meets THIMBY: Creating an Electrical System

THIMBY is well on its way through construction: design decisions have been finalized, walls have risen, and the most exciting part to many is yet to come — populating the inside of the house with appliances and furniture to make it functional and liveable. But what has to come before any of that? The electrical…
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