Category: THIMBY 1.0

The Challenges of Off-Grid Living

Well, it’s winter in California again, and you know what that means- watching the snow forecast in the Sierras, complaining about the 50-degree highs, and, of course, succumbing to power outages regularly in the tiny house (yikes!). When we designed the house and performed the energy modeling, we came to the conclusion that our battery…
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THIMBY: Fall Update

A new semester of living in THIMBY begins. Reflecting back on the entire tiny house experience, it’s hard to believe a year ago our team was frantically orchestrating all-hands-on-deck weekend work parties, roping in all our friends and contacts in order to finish the house in time for the SMUD competition in October. And now,…
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Tiny House, Big Living: Grad School Edition

THIMBY life: cozy, fun, labor-intensive, progressive, living lab. The past 4 months have been exciting for the tiny house transition from construction to living site. Yes, there were nights when we came home to find our water supply run over by a car and leaking all over the parking lot, or when we couldn’t get…
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